Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Deceit or ignorance in global economics?

Are human beings more deceitful than ignorant, or more ignorant than deceitful?

In global economics deceit seems to derive from ignorance. Individual selfishness, which often includes deceit, seems to come from ignorance of the reality that individual selflessness can win within groups, but altruism within groups wins between groups. Research in sociobiology shows this to be true. Ayn Rand, the goddess of libertarianism, was also ignorant of sociobiology.

Global economics has destroyed first jobs and then towns across the Flyover States in America, as jobs moved out of the country for cheap labor. Where are the American people supposed to go to raise their families? To degenerate and dangerous cities? Are people supposed to work for firms with virtually no concern for social or cultural conditions while merely concentrating on “efficiency” and “progress.”?

As Steve Berg wrote (Chronicles, July, 2016), efficiency means doing the thing right, while effectiveness is doing the right thing. In global capitalism “progress” and “efficiency” are the only economic values, the only “morality,” which brings wealth to a tiny, ignorant, selfish elite.

Economic nationalism is not against free enterprise but is against so-called global “free trade” which destroys whole nations.

Donald Trump is at least pointing in this economic nationalist direction, and Hillary Clinton certainly is not.  Even though Hillary claims to be for "the people" she supports and is sponsored by global capitalism. Like many holdovers from the 1960's, the Clinton's are deceitful because they are ignorant. I may be too cynical in hoping that Trump will not replace one tiny capitalist elite with another.

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