Sunday, July 31, 2016

The populist/nationalist movement cares more about preservation than about money or paper ideas

Honest and courageous sociobiology (not the biased versions) shows that we are all inherently, biologically, self-preserving and self-protecting, which leads us to even deeper group-preserving and group-protecting. This is true of the right, the left, and in-between, whether we are conscious of our actions or not. This means that we are all inherently, biologically, conservative, whether we know it or not (modern liberals and neoconservatives don't appear to know it).

The Establishment, the Big Media, Big Government, and Big Academia all tell us that this view of real human nature is isolationist, populist, nativist, nationalist, and racist, and therefore it is evil. They tell us that it is only the uneducated, the poor, and the rural who believe these things. But this is a movement of real biology sanctioned by the science of sociobiology, as well as being a true reading of the history of humanity.

This populist/nationalist movement is showing that it cares more about preservation than about money or paper ideas, which the establishment is too corrupt or too brainwashed to care about. Isn't it ironic that a money-man like Trump leads this populist movement in America, assuming he is the real thing? He says he knows the corruption best because he played the game for so long. Well, anyway, he is who we have at this time.

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