Friday, July 29, 2016

The emotional delusions of the DNC convention

The emotional delusions of the DNC convention are over now. It's scary to realize that millions of Americans actually believe the delusions of the democratic party and Hillary. If you want to be real, find out what the liberal democrats believe and then go in the opposite direction.

Hillary and the democrats are of course pushing cultural Marxism hidden behind simple slogans like “we are stronger together” or “It's your time,” and Trump is telling us that cultural Marxism is destroying America and the West. The college educated are indoctrinated with cultural Marxism and they support Hillary, Americans who are not college educated support Trump. What a mess. Both candidates are flawed but the choice is between the delusions of Hillary and the realism of Trump.

But speaking of realism, let's not delude ourselves, a Trump presidency will only prolong the inevitable decline of America, because the demographics of the country favoring minorities will soon overtake conservative and Republican voters and bring us even more Big Government Socialism. A Hillary presidency will speed up the decline sooner rather than later so that the real solution of ethnopluralism, separate regions and states for distinctly different ethnic cultures, can finally bring us the long term solution to our decline. Does that mean we win either way? I supposes that stretches optimism too much.

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