Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democratic convention notes: why do liars rule with Utopian strategies?

As I watched the democratic convention last night I kept wondering why Utopian objectives are so hard to understand yet alone stop? I think human nature is open to the exploitation of very fuzzy “universal love” because it is an exaggeration of kin and group love. Sad to say, both religion and politics have exploited this weakness.

It is not only the strategic doctrines of globalism and imperialism that are mistaken, it is the mistaken view of human nature telling us that we are all universally the same, equal, and able to love one another as brothers, if only evil nationalism was curbed.

Utopian ideals are exploited now by elites who in fact benefit unequally and gain power at the expense of everyone else. Liars rule with these Utopian strategies.

This does not mean that realism is unemotional, as is often thought. Romantic nationalism in music is very emotional---think of Chopin, Wagner, Rachmaninoff---reflecting real human nature in being kin, group, and nationally centered. Folk music, country music, and even some rock music also often reflect romantic nationalism---certainly black rap does---although in the 1960's folk music was corrupted by modern liberalism.

Donald Trump, like Pat Buchanan before him, is trying to bring a pause in the utopianism of globalism, which is being exploited by selfish elites and is destroying us internally and externally. Trump wants to bring back realism in foreign and domestic policy. Nothing less than the survival of the Western world depends on this change being made.

Am I also being Utopian in hoping for economic nationalism, the return of the constitutional separation of powers and states, and a New Romanticism in the arts? I believe I am being starkly realistic. These things reflect real human nature and are not utopian ideals.

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