Saturday, July 02, 2016

Can there be poetry again?

Yes there can, but no more poetry of only beautiful words with little substance. Personally I have no time for beautiful lines or hedonistic feelings when the Western world is falling apart. And this goes for art in general, which is now shallow junk created by dangerous fools who reflect our dangerously foolish politicians.

Can such a stark poetry and art be created? I should better call it simplicity, restraint and proportion, which defined classical art. But an art that does not ponderously teach even as it still teaches.

Begin with the affirmation of the sacred and take it from there to the affirmation of a people, an ethnic culture and a place, which can apply to both high and low art. Cut it all back to real life living and evolving in the material world toward supermaterial Godhood.

Art can be is simplified, restrained and proportioned, down to earth, yet still dream and imagine a greater future attained in this world as we all evolve toward Godhood.

I don't know exactly what this healthy art will look like, but I think we will know it when we see it. It will probably look more like the great art of  past, which still lives on, in spite of post-modern attempts to kill it.

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