Saturday, July 16, 2016

Separating the temporal from the spiritual was a great theological and philosophical error

The transformation of religion does involve renewal of tradition, as said by conservatives, but Godhood need not be lost when scientific naturalism and philosophical naturalism enter the picture.

And “picture” is the word here. The ancient mysteries as well as the esoteric in established religions purposely designed God and the Absolute to be pure imagination, symbol, idea, or form with no material elements and therefore not really definable. They did not want a God that is definable.

This does not mean that Godhood does not exist, but it does mean that the God of established religion does not exist other than in symbol or in peak yet still material experiences brought about by ascetic disciplines that block all material desires in order to have the experience. No wonder material definitions of God are excluded, God is defined in symbols before God is even found.

There does exist Godhood, but in strictly material, supermaterial and evolutionary terms. That is the transformation we require of religion, as is done in theological materialism. Life evolves to Godhood, non-life and symbols evolve no where.

Separating the temporal from the spiritual was a great theological and philosophical error. We need to unblock the Great Spiritual Blockade against evolution to real Godhood in the material world, the Godhood which was only hinted at or symbolized in traditional religion.

It is said by modern philosophers that existence preceded essence, but essence is existence, and if an essence must be defined it is better defined as the activating dynamism or Spirit Will within life, which is material or supermaterial, and activates life to evolve toward Godhood working in conjunction with outside evolution and selection.

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