Saturday, July 09, 2016

We have no instinctive or rational choice but to try to build a healthy culture out of the ruins

Common sense tells us that life is competitive. Even life-styles that lead toward the death of civilizations in the long term compete to live. Life seems to have no choice in this drive to live.

So today we have political systems in the West run by a political elite openly representing a few thousand oligarchs, militarists, and a few dozen Zionist organizations, who are in control of the Big Media, Big Government, Big Business, and the academic world. That about covers it doesn't it?

At least some of the elite are aware that they consciously promote programs purposely designed to destroy Western culture so that they may pick up the fallen power. This is mainly why we now have sex and violence in the entertainment industry, homosexuality and transgenderism, gay marriage, one bathroom for both genders, feminism thought to do anything a man can do only better (Islamic terrorists realize this will weaken the defense of the West), whites considered responsible for black crime, and so on, and so on. It is all lies. And then we come to the natural racial or ethnic competition, recently gone quite bad, which naturally goes on because group-selection preferences are the primary unit of selection within basic human nature.

Can this cultural mess and decline be turned around and life made healthy again? I am not sure that it can, but I am sure that life with all its conscious and unconscious dynamism demands life, not death. We have no rational or instinctive choice but to try to stop the decadence and build a healthy culture out of the ruins.

As I said yesterday, this being the reality I do not believe we will have relative peace and harmony until we separate the competing ethnic groups and cultures into separate regions and states, which is here defined as ethnopluralism, protected by federalism, in accord with real human nature---and this can even be done in accord with the constitutional separation of powers and states.

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