Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Endless evolution of life for theology

It would seem natural to create a beginning (arche) and end (telos) in religious philosophy when following the trajectory of an end and beginning to human life, but that is not seeing the whole trajectory of human life, at least healthy life, which continues on after the death of the parents through the successful survival and reproduction of the descendants. No-death for humans and for life was claimed by creating an unreal non-material spiritualism to fit the desire. Reproduction is a better non-death and it has the benefit of being real.

Occam's razor, or the principle that the hypothesis with the fewest and simplest assumptions can be selected, suggests that a non-material spiritual end to life is harder to prove a reality than the endless evolution of material life toward supermaterial Godhood.

The Inward Path of traditional religion to the God Within was the beginning of the spiritualism that led away from life so as to experience the God within, which was a symbolic interpretation of the feelings derived from the ascetic discipline of stopping material desires.

Following naturalistic teleology we end up with the endless evolution of life from materialism to supermaterialism and Godhood, which is not an end but a constantly perfecting supermaterialism. This is the transformation of religion seen in theological materialism, which can revive dying religion and dying high culture in the age of science.

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