Sunday, July 10, 2016

Patience in the face of the radical temptation

Those of us who want more permanent solutions to the bankster scams and the political brainwashing of our citizens might have to first see short-term solutions, such as radical socialism/communism or fascism, because it seems to many people that only force can counter force. Young people are especially vulnerable to the charge of lacking courage or honesty and so they tend to want immediate solutions to very big problems.

Radical revolution, which has been called the “totalitarian temptation,” is an historical and short-term mistake, it kills the good with the bad and it is ultimately unnecessary, because totalitarianism and imperialism always, historically, break back down into the natural separations of ethnic regions and states. The Soviet Union is the most recent example of this.

That being the reality I believe we need to support the legal, constitutional, decentralizing, separation of powers and states into the natural ethnopluralism of ethnic regions and states. When we allow real human nature to come forward, which is group or ethnic centered, we naturally decentralize big government and we decentralize big oligarchic control of business, the media, and the academic world.

Regions and states can then have natural control over how they educate their children and what kind of culture they wish to emphasize, based on the people, the ethnic group, who inhabit the region, with all regions and states protected by a federal contract. And let no inward or outward power attack the whole.

This will come, so we need patience in avoiding the short-term big government totalitarian solutions, which nevertheless could come first and damage the natural process.

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