Friday, July 22, 2016

Does Donald Trump see the inconsistency of supporting gays and transgenders?

I doubt if Donald Trump saw the inconsistency of supporting gays and transgenders in his nomination acceptance speech last night for president, which goes against real human nature as affirmed by both social conservatism and sociobiological studies. You can't go against human nature with social programs without also becoming forceful and fascistic, and that goes against small government and the separation of powers of conservatism. Real human nature across the world is gender-defined and heterosexual marriage-making, among other socially conservative things, with group-selection as the primary unit of successful selection.

So when we think of the external and internal wars we are always fighting, this requires if anything an exaggeration of gender differences, with men being strongly protective and women strongly nurturing. Otherwise we lose to stronger men and women. Gays and transgenders blur these differences and therefore weaken them, and this weakens society in the long run...Then there is the  cultural decadence of the gay life style, which is now a fashionable trend with young people.

Well, I suppose it's also unreal to expect perfection in a presidential candidate. Even Pat Buchanan, who was a better candidate than Trump, absurdly did not believe in evolution.

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