Thursday, July 28, 2016

When the people change the culture changes

Conservatives will acknowledged that America is not merely an idea but a place, which is more than liberalism will acknowledge, but conservatives will not take the next step and acknowledge that America is based in the ethos, the character, tone and guiding beliefs of Northern Europeans. Even the Ancient Greeks and Romans were founded by Indo-European migrants from the Northeast. Some scholars think that Christianity was influenced by Northeastern non-materialism and altruism (think of Vedism) which then became opposed to the materialism of the money-changers in the middle-east.

The main reason conservatives will not take the next step and acknowledge this biological origin of social behavior seems to be the fear of being called racist, which has been exploited by the left---an exploitation that has increased since World War Two.

The weakness or flaw in Northern European people is based in the very thing that saved them in the cold survival conditions of the North: namely altruism. It was not a universal altruism at all, it was altruism based in the group-selection of their own ethnic culture, and it became a genetic trait over time. Northasians evolved this same trait even more so than Northern Europeans due to even more severe survival conditions.

Universal altruism has been exploited by the left by promoting the impossible and unnatural universal altruism of cultural Marxism. The universalism of Christianity also played into his exploitation by stretching group-selection beyond real human nature. It is ironic and frustrating to find that the exploiters of altruism and universalism are usually motivated (sometimes unconsciously) by the ethnic preferences and will to power of their own people.

So this brings us to the title of this piece: when the people change the culture changes. Open borders and open immigration come from this exploitation of altruism. Readers of this blog know that the only way I see to make peace out of this disharmony is through ethnopluralism, that is, regions and states set aside for distinctly different ethnic cultures and then protected by some sort of federalism, not unlike the U. S. constitutional separation of powers and states. It is long beyond the time when one noble or chosen ethnic culture can claim imperial dominance over all others---the world gangs up on such foolishness and destroys it.

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