Monday, July 11, 2016

How absurd to say that life is an illusion and non-life is real

Religion, not material life, has been the “great sea of shadows,” but it need not be when real Godhood is seen as supermaterial and evolved to in the material world.

Religion has been the real “Maya” of illusions, not material life.

There is only evolution toward perfect Being and that seems to be an endless evolution. An Absolute Perfect Ending cannot be proven any more than Endless Evolution can be proven, but endless evolution at least reflects what we know of real life.

Mystics say involution is evolution and evolution is involution. This is another false turning of reality on its head.

Why would we even want to try to define “Inscrutable Nothing?” What's wrong with scrutable something? The spiritual empty space with nothing in it which mystics call the spirit and which they say is full of “potential” is no state at all and has no existence at all.

How absurd to say that life is an illusion and non-life is real.

Evolution is the motion activated by the material Spirit-Will-To-Godhood within life working in conjunction with natural evolution and selection, and this is not a motion away from material life but a motion of material life toward supermaterial Godhood.

(to be continued)

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