Sunday, July 17, 2016

Even in a democracy people vote as a conflict between distinct groups, not individualistically

To expand and deepen a study by Achen and Bartels on the way people vote (as reported in Chronicles, July 2016) by applying the sociobiological studies of Edward Wilson and others, it is true that in democracies people do not first vote by individual rational judgment as we are told, they vote by racial, ethnic, class and religious group. But it is not usually reported that group voting is first based in the group-selection of related genes, that is, in the kin and racial preferences of basic human nature, which has always been the most successful means of survival and reproduction, even for individuals, over the long history of human beings.

So it is a “sentimental falsehood” that individualism ensures the will of the majority, people don't vote that way. Democracy cannot really be “cured” by more democracy. Conflict between groups is what really drives even individualistic democracies. That is how people really vote in a democracy.

This affirms the perspective of ethnopluralism, protected by federalism, at least in the U. S., where the constitutional separation of powers and states could be applied to regions and states designed for racial and ethnic cultures. Most importantly this social behavior is in line with real human nature, which suggests that better social harmony is built around protected ethnostates.

As people have said, this means that Trump will take the white vote and Hillary will take the non-white vote, and the religious and class vote will be split between them. But what is not said is that this voting is based on competing ethnic groups and cultures.

Demographics defined this way really is destiny. And how are things going based on breeding and immigration patterns today?

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