Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The fools paradise of abstraction

Abstractions in theology and mathematics are important but only in their right place, and the right place does not define God, truth, or reality, as actually being abstractions. Theologians, philosophers and mathematicians should be considered as artists sketching the likeness of God, truth, or reality, without then defining their sketches as actually God, truth, or reality.

Ascetics of virtually all religions put themselves in a dream-world by first ridding their bodies of all material desires and then claiming that the experiences they have in that dream-world are more real than any other reality. When objections are made to their dream version of reality ascetics claim that we cannot know their version of truth and reality unless or until we first rid the body of all desires to experience their dream-world of God, truth, or reality. But that dream-world experience of the God Within is virtually experiencing death as life and life as death.

Does this all mean that God, truth, or reality are now dead or rejected? No, but Godhood needs to be transformed from those experiences of the dream-world and reclaimed by the real world. The God, truth, or reality first experienced in the near-death experience of the Inward Path can be actually reached in the Outward Path of material evolution.

Changing from religious abstractions to scientific abstractions has brought the decline-not-fall of the West, even as high technology has advanced. Vital virtues and values have been lost. Science too has lived in abstractions, coming to believe in their abstractions more than the real material objects they have only been sketching as artists. Both religious and scientific thinkers have taken the belief in abstractions to absurd and even insane levels. Humans seem to feel safer believing in abstractions rather than in real life.

Godhood is not a religious or scientific abstraction, Godhood is a living object, or objects, which can be reached in the real world of material and supermaterial evolution. Real, material, concrete, religious, scientific, cultural, and political actions can actually rescue the worlds of religion and science from the fools paradise of abstraction.

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