Thursday, May 26, 2016

Material beauty is Godhood shining through the thing seen

Beauty relates to the direction and high religious goals of biological evolution, which moves toward the zenith of success, described also as the highest beauty, truth, and goodness. This is not beauty beyond the material world but beauty at the zenith of the material or supermaterial world.

That is how beauty can cheer us up, beautiful women, beautiful nature, beautiful art and architecture, even beautiful philosophy or mathematics. Pessimism, glumness, desolation go toward the opposite end of the scales, toward ugliness, untruth, even evil.

Form is determined by the content of life and biology, whereas abstract art, just as spiritual ideas, tends to move away from life itself and doesn't even represent life. Evolutionary realism for this reason becomes the valid approach to art. Classical art this way sought to glorify the human form.

Art and biology are essentially seeking the content or form of Godhood by way of material evolution. The activating material Spirit-Will within, which is the material Activating Dynamis of evolving life, works in conjunction with outside evolution, and seeks absolute beauty, truth and goodness.

Material beauty is Godhood shining through the thing seen. Art is the emotional expression of that beauty. And material evolution is the means of actually attaining that beauty.

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