Friday, May 06, 2016

The aim to be conservative while evolving

“Great art uses conventional plots and character types to appeal to audiences of its own time and then transforms these devices so that---intentionally or not---they appeal to audiences of every time.” (Richard Harp, on Shakespeare, Modern Age Spring 2016)

To change another statement by Ben Johnson on Shakespeare, great art and philosophy is “not of an age but for all time.”  Does not great religion and philosophy do this too, and also political philosophy? This is conservatism. 

The truth does not need to be dull. Truth wins out in the end but usually not without undergoing suffering and metamorphosis. Conventional things need to be invigorated, and not merely for the sake of change.

Life changes with evolution, that is, biological life and in the case of man social evolution. But the past is usually carried forward and transformed, not killed as the radicals and militants try to do.

As I have said here before regarding theological materialism, the big change comes in uniting the old false divisions between the material and spiritual, which has existed since even before the Judaic-Christian tradition, for example, in ancient Asia, Scandinavia, and in Native America. There has existed a Great Spiritual Blockade in religion, and in philosophy, against our evolution toward real Godhood in the material world.

There is no dualism between the spiritual and material, there is only the material and supermaterial. This can actually unite science and religion, and even politically philosophy. We are all materially evolving toward Godhood and we need to find the realistic way to do so. And this is where ethnopluralism enters the modern stage.

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