Monday, May 23, 2016

Rethinking Being and Godhood

“Being” or “Godhood” is not essentially “love” or “causality” or “reason,” these things can help lead to Godhood, a Godhood that---are you ready?---did not “cause” the world, but a Godhood or Gods existing at the zenith of the material evolution of the world.

Godhood is a goal, not a cause. Godhood “reasons” as we reason only far better, Godhood is a living object, or objects, alive within the natural world. Godhood is not reason, Godhood reasons.

Godhood is not “love” either, expressing “love” by way of, say, making the world come alive due to shining sacred starlight upon the world. Godhood is love in---again, are you ready?---the physical material sense, because we reach Godhood through material reproduction (now including genetic technology). This material world reproduction has been disparaged in the Great Spiritual Blockade by religion which greatly devalued material reproduction, when ironically material reproduction is the only means to reach real Godhood.

If there is “mystery” in Godhood it is in trying to define or understand a living object, or objects, far more evolved and advanced in thinking than we are. Any “wonder” regarding Godhood comes from this evolutionary goal or ideal.

“Reason” also is not “being,” reason is performed by and within living beings, including the beings of Godhood, who reason at the highest levels. “Truth” becomes not merely the abstract goal of reasoning, truth is the goal that material evolution becomes. That is, living Godhood itself is truth, and living humans themselves are far less evolved "truth." Godhood is not abstraction or spiritual truth, but is high material existence.

This way we can value real life again, as life wants to be valued, keeping the Enlightenment and Religion. Science and philosophy can unite with religion, having the same evolutionary and intellectual goals.

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