Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How the “good” is completely physical and material

Not only does the “good” exist concretely within the material, physical world, Godhood exists within the physical material world as an active goal in material evolution. Godhood is the result of ongoing material evolution, and in theological materialism this is defined as the highest good in evolution.

Here theoretical physics seems to enter the argument, but I think it does so on the side of materialism, not spiritualism. To me the most basic why? of quantum behavior, of all behavior, needs to be answered, for example, “life” in all its forms, micro and macro, seems to be seeking something, and this seeking happens before randomness and probability take over. Natural life is defined as seeking something---Godhood ultimately---before the actual randomness of evolution begins. There is freedom within this determinism.

The “good” is concrete, material, physical from beginning to end, although evolution seems to have no beginning and no end, odd as this seems to mortal men.

So we can have an end to talk of dualities regarding the good. This is not the synthesis of Aristotle or Aquinas who retained the duality of the spiritual and the material. We can conservatively retain the old symbolic, inward, God but it needs to be transformed in the Twofold Path with the outward Godhood reached through material evolution.

We need to hold on to religion and truth for the future long-term direction of life, and this is the way to do it.

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