Thursday, May 19, 2016

The absurdity of separating the world into the spiritual and material

I think it is absurd to separate the world into the spiritual and the material, and it's time to stop doing it.

Attempts to bridge the “gap,” saying as the hyperintellectuals say that the spiritual world “participates” in the material world is rationalistic sophistry, even if it comes from great theologians and philosophers.

It cannot be simple incompetence on their part, can it? It is more like demagogic politicians selling themselves to the so called boobs, who are not as boorish as they think they are.

“Being” is pretty much what we see is what we get. Our senses may not see all of reality but we see enough to tell us that the concrete material world, and later, with evolution, the supermaterial world, is all we have.

That is healthier, especially if we take up the cause of materially evolving toward Godhood.

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