Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Where does no duality between the universal and particular lead?

This philosophical argument can be resolved by understanding that in a secondary way human nature is universal and works along with particular individuals and groups, and in a primary religious way a universally determined material Will-Spirit-To-Godhood activates within the life of particular individuals and groups. I see no real duality necessary in this structure. This seems to cancel out the dualities of eastern religions, Plato, much of the Enlightenment, on up to Leo Strauss, as well as many of the postmoderns.

The universal is also concrete, particular, and material, and even Godhood is concretely material/ supermaterial, arrived at through natural evolution, helped along by reason. Evolution defines the good, beautiful, and true as hierarchical culminating in Godhood. This calls us more to action than ascetic retirement. The religious, philosophical, cultural and political question then becomes, how do we best evolve in the world toward Godhood? For example, the ethnopluralism hypothesis stems from this consideration.

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