Thursday, May 12, 2016

The only compromise Trump should make in his meeting with Republicans today

Trump the deal-maker is capable of duplicitous behavior but if he compromises on economic and political nationalism he will be just another selfish individualistic politician willing to continue the destruction of the country for personal gain.

It is Paul Ryan who needs to compromise the most in the Republican meeting today with Donald Trump. Ryan's globalist libertarianism (which is neoconservative) has been destroying America, based on the faulty libertarian idea that human nature is primarily individualistic, rather than group-selecting as the primary form of successful selection, with individualism following only in a secondary way.

This affirmation of the origin of altruism, or group-selection, leads naturally to economic and political nationalism, which Trump consciously or unconsciously affirms. The only compromise Trump should make is in a slow rather than fast stride toward economic and political nationalism, which is the conservative way to change.

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