Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Can religion elevate real life?

If we want to “confound the schools,” to use poet Fred Chappell's line about a cat, we will respect logic and reason but not worship them. The same goes for spirituality, which is, paradoxically, a cousin of logic and reason. These things usually exist only abstractly and do not represent living things. This is a very serious metaphysical error that results in what I call the Great Spiritual Blockade of evolving material life toward real, not abstract, Godhood.

But the schools can be unconfounded. Evolving material life does not exclude Godhood. That phrase needs repeating. Evolved life can lead toward real Godhood, which was only symbolically experienced as the traditional inward God or Father Within. This living religious dynamic does not reject religion or reject God, it saves religion and Godhood. The world needs religion, we have drifted aimlessly without it, but we require a religion that is based in real life not merely in abstractions, we require a religion that actually elevates life itself.

Are we afraid of death? Yes, but that fear is why we try to successfully survive and reproduce, and why we now need to trump the old logic of the schools. Does our fear of death still require us to create a deathless, abstract, spiritual heaven unconnected to real life and death? I don't think that logic is worthy of living modern man. I am an evolutionist and a conservative influenced by both E.O.Wilson and Russell Kirk. Religion won't go away, we can keep religion, but we need to transform religion and the fictional philosophy which affirms it.

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