Friday, May 20, 2016

Why we can't expect a precision of the deepest truths

Theologians and philosophers have preferred abstract, non-material, non-sensual, and precise definitions of Truth and Godhood. But the reality is we cannot expect precision when we are dealing with the general movement of material evolution.

We can discern the outlines and patterns of evolution, such as the evolution from the simple to the complex, or the evolution of unconsciousness to consciousness, then from there we can discern Truth and Godhood as the zenith of these patterns and outlines in material/supermaterial evolution.

Truth and Godhood are this way seen not as a non-sensual, non-historical experience, but as a concrete, material/supermaterial experience of Truth or Godhood in evolving real life.

There is no dualism in this, there is no “participation” between a material and a non-material abstract Truth or Godhood, there is only the reality of concrete material/supermaterial evolution.

Science is this way seen as an important tool which can offer precision, say in genetic or sociobiological studies, but not precision in the deeper outlines and patterns of Truth and Godhood.

Evolution offers this natural freedom within determinism.

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