Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Trump and the media

People tend to become disaffected by government when it becomes weaker and not when it is stronger. John Lukacs pointed this out in analyzing the end of the cold war, when the former Soviet empire separated back into real nations. It's fascinating to think of Western globalism weakening and therefore now having its own demographic cold war, with people seeking to split into their own ethnic regions.

The popularity of Trump's populism and nationalism is not well understood by the weakening media, or by the academic world, because they tend to hate traditional power and authority in general---other than their own power of course. This means that the “unwashed people” are cleaner than the liberals think they are, and if Trump holds to his populism and nationalism it will be all good for Trump.

The Big Media will continue to search through the garbage looking to upend Trump, because that's what they do, but the people may finally be getting hip to the destructive and nefarious media. We know the Big Media is a major power on its own, now more influential than governments or religions, and they will not go down easily, so prepare for more of the dirt they deal in.

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