Sunday, May 29, 2016

What can we expect from Trump?

It looks like Donald Trump despises the neoconservative cabal as much as they despise him. But Trump, like them, is also a shape-changer with shifting principles. What Trump really believes inwardly is very important, and we can't as yet be sure of that.

Can Trump downsize the bureaucratic monstrosity? Can he bring the military home? Can he give the power back to the regions and states? Can Trump take down the neoconservative cabal? We should never underestimate the neoconservatives who are not military characters at all but are geniuses at beguiling 99 percent of the nation into sacrificing themselves to advance only the neoconservatives.

It looks like the neoconservatives have had their run, but Trump could replace that cabal with his own plutocratic associates. If that happens perhaps the new plutocracy will at least be economic nationalists and therefore bring manufacturing back to the nation and rebuild the country internally, which will be far better then the disordered neoconservative monsters we now have.

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