Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The satisfaction in watching Donald Trump take apart the liberal blowhards and intellectual paper tigers

It is of course most important to see Trump's political and economic nationalism surface and rise, but I must admit it's almost more satisfying to see Trump deflate and exasperate the liberal blowhards and the intellectual paper tigers.

Last night the long-necked lesbian Rachel Maddow even played the Hitler card, the same one the cabal effectively used on Pat Buchanan when he ran for president, that is, setting up a racialist as a Trump delegate. But how satisfying, and illuminating, to see that it doesn't work anymore.

And how good it is to see that Trump could care less what the effete modern liberals and cultural Marxists say about him---the people don't seem to care either. And it is also satisfying to see Trump overcome the neoconservative globalists who have been destroying the country. It seems almost too good to last.

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