Saturday, May 28, 2016

Can Trump fix the corrupting influence of the global financial system?

Is the West really defined as a corrupting financial system, as the Chinese recently called it? Mainly yes, but it is also the West who can fix it. Who else? Not the corrupt neoconservatives, not the neoliberals, not the Clinton's, not Wall Street, not China, not Russia, not Iran. If there is anything remaining of the Western genius that created the American Constitution with its separation of powers and states it is they who could fix the corrupt global financial system.

That is how ethnopluralism arrives in the world as the next political heroism. It is not abstract “isms,” it is people who will develop ethnopluralism. Human nature certainly remains very much kin and ethnic-centered in spite of centuries of the corruption of human nature by the clever manipulation of human culture. Ethnocentrism was and is the real biological basis of altruism or group-selection, which affirms, if we are sane and reasonable, not universal communism or global capitalism but the natural separations of powers and states into ethnic regions and states.

But ethnopluralism can fix the corrupted global financial system only if it is protected by a federalism designed mainly to protect the independence and variety of ethnostates and ethnopluralism. That is obviously no small challenge, but it is the only sane and reasonable long-term way we could save the corrupted globe. Everything else has been tried.

So is Donald Trump taking the first steps toward fixing the corrupting influence of the global financial system, or is he just another oligarch with different oligarchical associates? We will see. What other choice do we have at this time?

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