Sunday, May 01, 2016

If we tax cigarettes we should tax bad food

Serious health problems such as coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, even some forms of arthritis, are mainly caused from the amount of bad food we eat. I believe in freedom of choice, and I do not believe in Big Government, and leaving it to the individual states to decide is preferred, but that is not good enough regarding the serious national damage caused from bad food. 
Destroying the health of a nation is a serious attack against a whole people and it should not be allowed any more than a military attack should be allowed. A sick and diseased people will not be able to defend themselves, yet alone create a healthy culture.
Taxation isn't banning the providers of bad food.

Billions of dollars are spent on diseases that are mainly caused from bad food. Is the profit of the bad food industry more important than the health of a whole people? Apparently, or at least the bad food industry has the power to successfully lobby against any change. And where are the doctors in this who profit from treating these diseases?  Free choice? 

What are the healthy foods of the good food industry? Basically fresh meats (grass fed is best), fish, poultry, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy oils like olive and coconut oil. Dairy products are not healthy, and neither are cereal grains, refined sugars and processed food. That generally defines the good and bad food industry, and if we really cared about the health of our people we would be taxing the bad food industry, thereby rewarding the good.

For the science behind these claims read Loren Cordain.

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