Saturday, April 30, 2016

A note to the billionaires

Classes or castes developed because humans tend to specialize, and there are always few Renaissance men. In early capitalism engineers tended to run the technology departments, and the more philosophical ran the business. Now young engineers of computer technology run their own companies. Most of them are relativistic libertarians, neoconservatives, or liberals.

As the industrial revolution developed many businessmen were economic nationalists, perhaps not always to their liking. Eventually capitalism began to rule governments and became global, and now we have the result of that globalism in America, with the gutting of manufacturing, the loss of millions of jobs, and open borders with aliens pouring in, legally and illegally.

Are the new tech billionaires too young to be wise? I think we now need businessmen who are, or can become, evolutionary realists, or even romantic realists. If a few billionaires could affirm the science of sociobiology, that is, observe the biological origin---perhaps at least 50 percent---of social behavior, that could lead to social actions which could give real meaning to their world views, and actually help humans over the long term.

Evolutionary realism can see the sacred goal of the material evolution to Godhood, as described here in theological materialism, and could see the need for sociobiological research centers. This evolutionary perspective can even be poeticized and dramatized in the arts as a result of the romantic/realist ethos of theological materialism. We could at last join together religion, business, science, art, and ultimately politics. Theological materialism is also conservative, transforming and not rejecting the past.

I always hope a billionaire or two will send a little something to the cause of theology materialism, as presented here and on Twitter, so we can technically-practically get off the ground. We are so far not a non-profit, but we should be. Profit is more your department.

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