Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Will economic nationalism rise and the debt-collecting vampires fall?

I doubt if it's fair to blame Alexander Hamilton for the destruction of America by the debt-collecting rich, who have suckered America into great destructive debt. Bankers and the interest-collecting wealthy have been siphoning off more and more of the money of the nation, which should have been used for American producers of future wealth, but instead went into the private lives of the rich. It is very clear that the wealthy rulers of the financial economy were willing to destroy the nation only so that they could become personally rich. Does this destroy the reasoning of the philosophy of capitalism and free-enterprise? No.

Economic nationalism seems like the only way out of our economic mess. Not the socialism of Bernie Sanders, or another version of big government fascism, but an economic nationalism of fair trade, with tariffs on foreign products so that American producers and American jobs can return, rather than the so-called “free” trade which has benefited the bankers and debt-collectors at the great expense of the nation. We require the old true middle way. But will economic nationalism actually rise and the debt-collecting vampires fall? Things look bad, but Donald Trump, although not perfect, like Pat Buchanan before him is at least gaining ground. But the very powerful vampires are out to destroy him.

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