Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Radical feminists have a problem with women, Trump does not

Unfortunately, college educated young women have been increasing indoctrinated by the radical feminism taught in our colleges and universities---along with being taught cultural Marxism. Even such charmers as the British actress Emma Watson, who was miseducated at a college in the U.S., have taken up the radical feminist cause, however amateurish, which has none the less been influential.

The founders of radical feminism were mostly Marxist, or cultural Marxists, and this helped bias them toward objecting to the obvious genetic and hormonal differences between men and women, which certainly influences both gender and cultural behavior. This exposes the feminist project as intellectually bogus.

Donald Trump doesn't have a problem with women, he has a problem with radical feminists who do have a problem with both women and men. Normal women who support Trump tend not to have a problem with normal genetic and hormonal differences between men and women.  And such common sense things as equal pay for equal work is supported by all normal men and women.

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