Thursday, March 03, 2016

Will America take two steps forward one back with Trump?

Modern democracy seems to have failed, as the old Greek philosophers said it would, because in the United States the top 20 percent of the elite and the money class do not listen to 80 percent of the people who do not want a global empire, especially when the wealth all goes to that same 20 percent.

Power and money do seem to matter more than moral leadership. Will America really change with Trump or are we doomed to fall as all empires have fallen?
Will Donald Trump create another version of crony capitalism, bringing in corporate raiders, like his friend Carl Icahn, who will raid the other money class using government tariffs against them, and so on, only to take their place, perhaps letting Trump or at least his sons who run his business in on the action?
It is tragic that Pat Buchanan was treacherously blocked from giving us moral leadership as he dismantled the global empire.

Trump may at least take two steps forward by concentrating on national rather than international problems, before he takes one step backward. I suppose that is progress in the modern world.

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