Sunday, March 13, 2016

The deeper tragedy of virtual reality, and the return of the real world

Is the world of virtual reality so new? Religion and philosophy have for centuries worshiped ideas, words, numbers, and symbols over natural reality. The real tragedy of the acceptance of virtual reality is that it has largely blockaded the evolution of material life toward real supermaterial Godhood. This is what I call the Great Spiritual Blockade. The “permanent things,” which conservatives rightly affirm, have nevertheless been taken away from the natural world and human biology, which are the foundation of the real permanent things, and a non-material spiritual world has been defined as permanent. The world of religion and philosophy have largely been as much a virtual world as the world of artificial intelligence.
Computers are evolving not people. The “revenge of the nerds” has become a revenge against human evolution, which has been labeled politically incorrect. I have no problem with the advance of artificial intelligence and computers in general, and I have no problem with religion and philosophy, as long as they do not worship virtual reality in place of real life and real evolution. The philosophical world of postmodernism now taught in our colleges and universities, which claims to be superior to old religion and philosophy, also worships a virtual world of ideas, words, and numbers over real life. This is really the unreal  “brave new world” we were warned about.
The philosophy of theological materialism seeks to remedy the great blockade of reality and restore the real permanent things, so that we may continue the evolution of material life to real supermaterial Godhood. The old, virtual, inward God can be conservatively retained but transformed in the Twofold Path, as the virtual world becomes secondary and the real world returns. A big task, yes, but it has to be done if real life is to survive and evolve on earth and out into the cosmos.

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