Saturday, March 19, 2016

Our submissive dominated culture and the Big Four who benefit most from it

We are all responsible for our own behavior, but we have been made submissive, compliant by the Big Four: Big Government, Big Business, Big Media, and the Big Academic World.

Tolerance, diversity, not judging, are the highest values and virtues today. Why are these things so heavily propagandized? The lack of values allows the Big Four to exploit and bleed our culture.

So we are made to be tolerant of such things as homosexual marriages, pornography, equality, globalism, etc---everything but “intolerance” is allowed. Many people seem to tolerate everything because they are afraid of the social consequences of being “intolerant.” Being called a bigot can ruin lives.

It is no wonder that real human nature is again rising in the form of nationalism, ethnocentrism, localism, and populism. Will the reaction to our submissive, compliant culture have enough power to change things?
Trumpism in the U.S., and the Le Pen's in France are at least a beginning. The fight against these patriots by the so-called  “conservatives” of the "National Review," and the Hillary-left, is not only disgraceful it is instructive in showing how they are completely compliant to the long-arm of the Big Four.

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