Friday, March 04, 2016

Future transformations of religion

To bring about better feelings among the religions I wish Christians and other religion's would understand that "monotheism" was pan-monotheism, as Schuon pointed out, and not only Judaic-Christian. The East probably initiated the One-God conception in the Vedas, and before that Shamanistic peoples were really monotheists even as they had lesser Gods in the mix.

Following that, we can move on to understanding the Twofold Path and the nature of the virtually exclusive Inward God of traditional religions, which was seen or experienced after ascetic discipline applied to first stopping the desires of the flesh, which was the foundation of Christ's (and Buddha's) teachings.

Then we can move on to the Outward Path which transforms the Inward Path experience or symbol of Godhood into the material evolution of life to supermaterial Godhood. 

These I believe are the future transformation required as seen in theological materialism.


For fun, but perhaps also to help bring about positive or ecumenical feelings among competing ethnic groups, here is a very loose racial reinterpretation of Schuon's poetic ideas on the four points, directions, and colors in primordial Shamanism:

Mongoloid, Yellow, East---light, knowledge, peace

Red (proto and Native American), Red, West---fertilizing, water, revelation

Negro, Black, South---warmth, life, happiness

White, White, North---Cool, purity, strength

We can let ethnic groups be as they are and as they have been for millenniums, and let them evolve forward toward Godhood with their own qualities, in ethnic regions protected by federalism. Poetic, yes, but also realism in relation to the powerful group-selection in real human nature.

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