Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How to affirm both the Constitution and sociobiology, and remain a patriot

I don't think we need to choose between the two streams of the political thinking of the Founders of our Constitution, as described by historian Larry Schweikart. I think the original political philosophy of the United States is a syntheses of both, states rights/localism (think of Jefferson) and the English Whig tradition of a central government controlled by Congress ( think of Burke and Hamilton).

Both streams believed in the separation of powers and states, limited government, private property, individual accountability, low taxation, charity, and not going abroad in search of taming monsters. Mercantilism would be de-emphasized (ie. businesses existing to advance state interests) but tariffs to protect and advance the manufacturing interests of the independent states, and having a central bank would be affirmed.

I de-emphasize, but not reject, the libertarian strain of individualism, because we now see that group-selection has been primary over individual selection in successful survival and reproduction, as shown by the evolutionary sciences, most recently by sociobiology. Group-selection really means the preference for kin and ethnic-selection, which can balance and harmonize with the constitutional separation of powers and states, so this need not be a radical change---although it may require the sacking of political correctness (cultural Marxism).

Ethnopluralism with regions and states set aside (gradually) for distinct ethnic cultures, will greatly slow the social disruptions of ethnic conflicts now increasing, while remaining within the legal constitutional tradition of the United States. We can continue to love our country as patriots while more closely following real human nature.

Which candidate for president at this time affirms this political perspective? It will come if we are to survive and prosper.

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