Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The unification of the material and non-material

Non-materialism did not balance with materialism, it merely gave a grudging nod to real life while it placed spiritualism over all things, and so mankind lost its way. The worship of non-materialism, really nothingness, caused the Great Spiritual Blockade of life itself.

The same un-balancing followed as traditionalists worshiped the past, and revolutionaries worshiped the future, which blocked real life from evolving. In philosophy, words, ideas, and numbers were worshiped over living things, even though words are only symbols of living things.

Real balance and unification comes from retaining the past as it is transformed by the present and future. And in the same way the non-materialism of the symbolic inward God can be retained as it is transformed by living and by evolving toward supermaterialism. Religion balances with the rest of life when Godhood is better understood as the zenith of material evolution.

This is the real unification of not only all the arts, but the unification of religion, science and general culture, which can join with the past, present, and future, and with evolving life, as the Great Spiritual Blockade is unblocked.

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