Friday, March 11, 2016

Can we avoid the doom of the West?

The American Founders understood (as the ancient Greeks did) that democracy requires a majority of virtuous citizens. A majority of Americans may still be virtuous but the elites and big lobbies who now control democracy are not virtuous. How do the actions of virtue work within a moral tradition when there is no respect for the moral tradition?

Could this mean we are doomed? We could have civil disturbances and even civil war as what is left of moral traditions battles with a post-Christian society. Those disturbances could lead back to virtue within a moral tradition---the most natural state of man---but will it be the tradition of Christianity, Judaism, Islam? Will science come up with religion from science?

I think conservatism is the healthiest dynamic to follow for any social change, where the best of the past is retained but transformed for the future. So I accept a Christianity transformed by theological materialism (the inward God transformed in the material evolution to outward Godhood), which then leads to the virtues of ethnopluralism (the constitutional separation of powers and states into ethnic regions).

I don't see a better way to show Spengler as mistaken and avoid the doom of the West.

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