Monday, March 14, 2016

Theological materialism is idealism without spiritualism

Theological materialism affirms idealism but doesn't involve spiritualism, mere words, numbers, the philosophical games of epistemology, or the phony political versions of materialism which mistakenly believe human nature is internationally altruistic, when altruism is really kin, group, national, and sociobiologically-centered.
The way to affirm idealism is to affirm the idealism inherent in the materialism of evolution.  We may be limited in how we see the world, and frogs are even more limited, but it is just foolish to suggest that the world we see cannot be proven to exist.

Life evolves in this material world where at best it can evolve toward a supermaterial world, defined as real Godhood. This world of evolution can be seen as unlimited as long at it is understood as existing within the real material world.

Real limitation exists in spiritualism, mere words, and number games, and the phony political versions of materialism, not only because they define and try for an unreal world that does not exist, but because they block the limitless dynamic of material evolution.

Why are space, time and materiality thought of as “limited” by religion and philosophy? It is the wish fulfillment of spirituality, numbers, words and symbols. Are night dreams still shamanistically thought of as real life? Apparently, daydreaming, asceticism (glorified sweat lodges), and now drugs, are not enough.

We can evolve in the material world to supermaterial real Godhood if we can overcome the limitations of fantasy and spiritualism, and the mistaken political and philosophical versions of materialism and idealism.

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