Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The rise and fall of fantasy

Both spiritualism and materialism were mistaken in their inherent asceticism. The religious founders of spiritualism rejected materialism because materialism got in the way of the strict non-material path to experiencing the God or Father Within. And materialism rejected God because it got in the way of the materialist worldview. Both unrealistic restrictions led to the growth of fantasy and fairy tales.

The Grimm's tales faded as Christianity faded, and gave rise to materialism, which in turn led to the new fantasies of science fiction and computerized neo-paganism.

Theological materialism tends not to cause that yearning for fantasy, which is inherent in both spiritualism and materialism. The old inward God is transformed (but retained) as Godhood is attained in this world through the material evolution to supermaterial Godhood. Heroism, beautiful ideals, and ethical direction, backed by both religion and science, can remain realistic.

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