Saturday, March 26, 2016

Can Trump succeed in stopping political correctness and cultural Marxism?

Intellectuals, the political class, the Big Media, and also established Republicans had their chance to try to stop the perversions and aberrations of political correctness, but they did not. The progressive ideology which runs contrary to real human nature on issues involving race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation of any kind has been increasing every year, enforced by intellectuals, the political class, the Big Media.

So now we have presidential candidate Donald Trump, who is hated by the intellectuals, the political class, and the Big Media, because he says he will put an end to political correctness. Who actually likes Trump? Many of the people who were not indoctrinated by the political correctness taught in our colleges and universities, or those who somehow escaped political correctness through sheer intellectual honesty and courage. The Baby Boomer generation should have been the conservative elders now objecting to political correctness, but most of them were propagandized in the 1960's in the march through the institutions of cultural Marxism, so the Boomers are now no help at all, and offer little help even to their own offspring.

Can Trump succeed in stopping political correctness and cultural Marxism? Both the left and right are now scheming to stop him. They might do so. But even if Trump becomes president can he block the perversions of human nature inherent in political correctness which are now embedded in our culture? It seem unlikely, although he may slow the decline a bit.

As I say here often, political correctness has tried to force square pegs in round holes. Human nature is still much the same as it has always been. All groups remain basically kin-centered, gender defined, age-graded, heterosexual marriage-making, hierarchical, ethnocentric, even xenophobic, among other things, with group-selection being the primary unit of selection. But here is the good and bad news: if Trump, or future Trumps, cannot stop the decline of the West and the aberrations and perversions of political correctness, we can be sure that natural law and human nature eventually will stop it. But it may not be pretty.

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