Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why religion and politics need to make the religious end happen in the material/supermaterial world

Eric Voeglin followed the old Christian attempt to separate religion from politics by cracking philosophic jokes about immanentizing the eschaton, making the religious end happen in the material world.

But separating the world into two worlds, which was the practical way religious philosophers eventually dealt with the impossibility of everyone living as Christ lived, does not take away the Gnosticism of Christianity because the definition of God is still non-material and spiritual, which is the essence of Gnosticism.

In reality we need to immanentize the eschaton if we are to reach Godhood, because real Godhood is reached through material and supermaterial evolution. The God of Gnosticism and traditional religions is only symbolic and can be retained in the Twofold Path but needs to be transformed.

Religion, philosophy, science, politics need to be unified, they do not need to be separated into the two worlds which have made both religion and politics spiritually and materially weak. This does not call for universal Marxism, which goes against real human nature, it calls for ethnopluralism, variety, decentralization, ethnostates, federalism, and the religious philosophy of theological materialism as the best long-term means of evolving as many of us forward as possible toward Godhood.

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