Sunday, March 06, 2016

The Next Utopia?

If the nefarious elite who control politics today manage to block populists like Donald Trump from leadership positions, it will be the beginning of the end for the present white majority culture, because the Clinton's, who are complete demagogues, will play to the minority ethnic groups who will soon be a majority of the population---demographics will have its way.

If this happens---if not now it may soon happen---then things will change, and there will be civil disruptions and even civil war as ethnic groups naturally compete with one another. If we were to design fair and biologically healthy rules for a politics of the future, rules that would harmonize best with real human nature, I propose the following:

We would need to design rules of politics which organize the state not primarily to transfer the wealth of the people to an elite, who also control the military, but we need to organize around the biological dynamic of the upward evolution of life. Free enterprise and the military are vital but they would follow the evolutionary dynamic.

Something like the polis or city states of ancient Greece, the ethnostate would be the fundamental political unit, protected by a federalism advantages to all. International research centers of sociobiology could aid in guiding healthy evolution---something like Raymond Cattell and Wilmot Robertson suggested---and the philosophy of theological materialism could help guide the Church.

This would create the variety and independent living and breeding patterns which encourage real progress in evolution, if merit is seriously considered. This would harmonize with real human nature which continues to be kin-centered and group-selecting, among other traditional traits. The federated states of the United States, with their constitutional principle of the separation of powers and states, could even accommodate this structure.

This political dynamic tends to happen naturally, as empires always eventually fall back into natural ethnostates. It seems far off for now but I think we should be taking steps, gradual, legal steps, to eventually make this a reality for all people, all ethnic groups. The present attempt to force all people together into one motley center, controlled and exploited by an elite, does not work well and will only cause destruction and decline.

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