Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The biggest blockade to overcome in modern culture

I believe we cannot stop the damage done by racism until we accept the deep biological origin of ethnocentrism. Real human nature is not evil because it is group-selecting and ethnocentric. The ethnopluralism I affirm in this blog comes from admitting the real nature of human nature. This is the biggest blockade to overcome in modern culture.

Group-selection has always been the main unit of successful selection, even over kin-selection and individual-selection. It is deeply ingrained in our biological nature. Once we admit this, then rather then hopelessly trying to force distinctly different people together into one, motley, competitive mess of people, we can find real solutions to many of our social problems.

The civil rights battles of the 1960's, which were really racial battles, did not solve our racial problems because the forced equality of cultural Marxism doesn't relate to the ethnocentric nature of real human nature. Racial relations today have been replacing white supremacism with black supremacism, causing more problems than they solve.

It may be shocking to suburban-dwelling people but both black and white radicals on the fringes of society (think of Farrakhan and Duke) have already more or less accepted the reality of ethnopluralism, although some are still trapped in unworkable and immoral supremacism.

Rather than blocking human nature we can embrace ethnopluralism by finally admitting the rational and instinctive health of allowing the natural separations of ethnic regions or ethnostates. We can encourage all ethnic groups to love their own people, which is natural to them. The U.S.  constitutional principle of the separations of powers and states could accommodate this life-saving worldview.

What is holding back this common sense approach to real life? Some men greatly benefit from trying to herd everyone together into one teeming conglomeration. They need to be exposed as the exploiters that they are. The popular media needs to eventually see the life-saving sense of ethnopluralism.

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