Thursday, March 10, 2016

The remedy for mere words and numbers which undervalue life, religion, and philosophy

We know that words and numbers operate as symbols. All of the world can be seen as symbols. There are things in the cosmos that we don't know yet and so we may not as yet have attached words or numbers to them. Like numbers, words have “hidden” meanings. But living things are not words or numbers, things are things, objects are objects only artificially represented by words and numbers.

The problem is that we soon start to make sense of the world only through words and numbers, and this is where we can move away from life and reality. Words and numbers can be seductive, words and numbers can seem better than living things, or things experienced. The understanding of the world only through words and numbers can be like a musical drug.

Words and numbers can symbolize things which do not exist or exist only in words and numbers in our minds. This can be a fun game and does little harm as long as it is known only as a game. Problems come when fantasy words and numbers are worshiped.

So as not to undervalue words and numbers, it it possible for us to think of things by way of words and numbers that are at first known in words and numbers and only later known as real actual things. Theoretical physics has occasionally done this, or in ancient times the Pythagorean numbers represented actual or projected musical harmonies in the world. The problem here is not that words and numbers can predict future real things, the problem comes in worshiping the words and numbers. 

This is the condition of much of religion and philosophy (especially the more esoteric versions) which often represent only words and numbers, however sacred, or worship things that are only fantasy words and numbers rather than real things. Life is undervalued this way.

When Godhood is understood as a living object, or objects, living and continually evolving in this world, and reached through material and supermaterial evolution, then this allows us to become Gods through evolution, and so we cannot and will not worship words or numbers alone as God.

This definition of evolutionary Godhood is at the present time thought and known mainly in words and numbers but must also eventually be seen and experienced as the zenith of the evolution of real living things. The tragic mistake of worshiping only words or numbers will not be made in this philosophy of theological materialism, because real concrete life needs to be guided in this world as best we can, through science, religion, and culture in general, toward evolving to real Godhood.

The older traditional words and numbers and inward experiences of God which define God need not be rejected, they can be seen as numbers, words, and symbolic experiences within the Inward Path, which now are known as real living objects that we evolve to become in the Outward Path. So conservatism in this transformation can prevail.

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