Friday, July 14, 2017

Which Way Will America Go?

It was what Mitch Landrieu praised as the "bubbling cauldron of many cultures" which doomed America. Can we face that?

This upside-down "philosophy" marched through our public educational institutions and as Mark Brennan put it, "brain-washed the hordes."(Chronicles, July 2017)

Will heroic and brilliant leadership bring us out of this cultural mess? Not at first. We will probably first have to contend with powerful instincts of basic human nature.

Human nature is mainly kin-centered and ethnocentric, and so things could first go far right, far left, or toward an openly (it is now covered) undemocratic, military-controlled capitalism.

Holding on to our democratic republic will not be easy in the face of these powerful simple passions, and that's where heroic and brilliant leadership will eventually make a difference.

That bubbling cauldron of ethnic groups may almost naturally split into an ethnopluralism of ethnostates to create survival-order out of chaos.

Then a heroic leadership may be able to conservatively adapt our constitutional separation of powers and states toward an ethnopluralism of ethnostates, protected internally and externally by our traditional federalism.

That's the hope, which seems realistic and possible.

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