Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The real foundation of human culture

Definitions of the "will" are varied from the idea that "virtue" is an instrument of the will (Schopenhauer), the will is amoral (Nietzsche), immoral (Buddha, Christ), sexual (Freud), or does not exist (science).

I call it the "spirit-will' (to include religion) though it is an entirely material activation. The spirit-will is the basic, primordial, activation of life toward survival and reproductive success, and perhaps exists in every cell of the body.

But more than that, this spirit-will has the end-goal of Godhood, which is a living object, or objects, evolved to in the material and supermaterial world. This Godhood also defines the highest success in survival and reproduction, and defines the highest beauty, truth, goodness and power.

This sacred description acknowledges that the will is not evil, satanic, or nonexistent, but is the most sacred element of life, after Godhood, and is the real foundation of human culture.

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