Sunday, July 02, 2017

A realism and a neo-romanticism that both religion and science can believe in

Quantum physics is not spiritual, even if we cannot perfectly understand it, and the same thing can be applied to Godhood, which is evolved to in the material world. Energy isn't spiritual either, it is based in the material, as all things are.

The origin of life isn't spiritual, it begins at the lowest stages of life and then evolves in the material world to the highest stages of evolved life, which is Godhood.

It is evolving life that is probably eternal, with many starts and stops along the way, and then if life is supremely successful life can, and has, evolved to Godhood.

Why did the spiritual invade the material? I suppose for wish-fulfillment. James Tate called this invasion a definition of romanticism.

The great gurus found that if material desires were blocked with much discipline it would also block all pain, and they equated that blissful state with Godhood, which was a great limitation of real Godhood.

Since about the Enlightenment science hasn't believed there is a spiritual or a Godhood. But that was mainly because they thought of God as spiritual, since all the gurus defined God that way.

Science can be brought in from the cold when Godhood is seen as material or supermaterial and is understood as that which we can evolve to in the material world.

That is a realism and a neo-romanticism which both religion and science can believe in.

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