Monday, July 24, 2017

Recovery of Life and the Universal

Scientists have all but defined the origin of life on earth as derived from minerals, water, rocks, meteors, volcanoes, lightning, etc. in an ongoing evolutionary development. I see no reason why this same thing could not happen throughout the vast cosmos. Most likely God doesn't create life, life creates Gods by way of outward evolution and an inward activation.

The end-goal of Godhood comes from this evolving process of life seeking the most success in survival, power, and even everlasting life, which is Godhood. This is what life strives for in a cosmos perhaps with life in many stages of evolution, from bacteria to Gods. This inward and outward will or spirit of material evolution is about as close as we will come to defining the "universal."

It seems to me that if we want to give direction to a world which is throwing away the virtues and values of religion this is the way to recovery.

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