Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Can we redevelop Western civilization and rise again?

In our easy chairs looking back we can see that if conservative thinking had been in place foul slavery would have soon ended in the American South as it was ending in the rest of the world, without civil war. But the Civil War was more about Northern industrialists trying to dominate the old agrarian South than it was about slavery.

Not being conservative, early capitalists did not care much about anything other than making money, and the Western world changed. National borders, demographics, and traditional culture meant very little to the capitalists who were usually libertarian or oligarchic, although they were not much concerned with ideologies.

Cheap labor and open borders were pursued with no thought about whether or not the immigrants could assimilate with the traditional host country, many could not. And so we have the mess we have today, with ethnic culture warring against ethnic culture, while welcoming new unassimilating immigrants---and all within the same living space.

We can't go back to the gentleman culture of old Europe and the American South, but we can revive our democratic republic by letting the constitutional separation of powers and states become an ethnopluralism of regions and ethnostates, protected by federalism...At least some of the regions and states could then redevelop Western civilization and rise again.

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